“Sometimes it’s just easier to say it.” (aka new app release today!)

If you are interested in running the Remember app or acquiring it, please reach out to Shane Mac. The Remember product was built inside Logos Labs and we are looking for someone who wants to turn this product into a great company focused on relationships.

Remembering everyone you meet is hard. We believe remembering where you met people is the best way to remember everyone.

Context is everything: even if all you have is a first name, Remember helps you remembering everyone you meet from bartender, waitresses, the guy at the front desk, new friends, everyone.

Geofencing alerts, nearby places and information lookup can help you put a face on an encounter with a new friend, or learn more information about a person you just met.


All the nearby places where you met people allow you to quickly access information about who you met.


Everything is about following up. You can set up​ reminders for a person by swiping right. Remember will also remind you who you met before you walk in next time.


When you save a contact with an email or a phone number, we look around if we find more information about this person. If we do, we are showing you their social profiles, organizations and websites.

It’s no secret that voice is one of the best ways to connect with people. Being able to add a voice note to a person brings us one step closer to our mission: Remembering how you met everyone. Every single detail.

Add a voice note about a person you just met. Now on Remember.

Download/update here.

Additionally, we are releasing a lots of improvements from your feedback to help you being more efficient at using the app.

New features:
- We added more about context! When you add a person, you can now add notes (part of context area now), photo, a friend in common, and now a voice note.
- Voice note UI.
- See friends in common now on the home screen.


- If you added a person less than 5 min ago. It will auto-select the place you had for that person. So you can add more easily multiple people in a row when your “location auto select” is not accurate.
- Pull down on the home screen to search for people in the list view.
- Now you can add a photo from the Camera Roll. I know you guys are excited about this one :-)
- You can now set the frequency of alerts for the same place. To access the settings, please tap on the Remember logo on the top of the home screen.

Bug fixes:
- Swiping to delete in the friend detail view was deleting the wrong record.
- Photos are not flickering any more when screens refresh.
- “No” option on the face lookup prompt should be on the right side not the left side of the prompt.
- App did not save when you added a friend from your contact book with no first name.
- In the list view, it caused the app to crash when the user will pick a user with a “friend” in common.

Download/update here.



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