Fiddler. An idea I think someone should build.

I love looking at behaviors I see everyone do but they hack another product to do it. Meet Fiddler.

Every single dinner party I’ve been at over the past year has had this happen:

Someone in a relationship wants to play their single friend’s Tinder.

They love the game. Love being the matchmaker. Want a way to do it.

I’ve watched people do this for hours. It’s like a real life game that helps your friends. It consumes their evening.

Here’s one way it could work:

1. Login with Facebook.

2. See a list of all single friends.

3. Pick a friend.

4. The experience looks exactly like Tinder. You can play for guys or girls as long as you are in a relationship.

5. Swipe for days. If the other person’s friend also picked your friend, woohoo, match!

6. Have to find creative way to send the intro or bring in your friends into the conversation. Maybe if you are single you can only have an inbox. You cannot play.

7. Lastly, many people have said “Tinder or other dating apps can add this.” It doesn’t matter because it is not socially acceptable to have a dating app on your phone if you’re in a relationship. It needs to be solely for the hitched up matchmaker.

8. Someone build this. Everyone already wants to do it. And it would be fun.

Just a thought. Fiddler on the roof. The matchmaker. Reach out if you have any thoughts

CEO @Assist. Curious.

CEO @Assist. Curious.