A statement from the team at Assist about Binary Capital:

We at Assist couldn’t say it better than Lee Mayer at Havenly & Nadia & Lydia at Dia, but we do want to voice our absolute support to Niniane Wang, Susan Ho, Leiti Hsu, and others who have bravely spoken up.

We have informed Binary Capital of following:

  1. We have requested to buy back 100% of Binary’s investment in Assist and dissolve our working relationship with their firm completely. This also includes termination of board observer rights, voting rights, and buying any shares of Assist in the future.
  2. However, if the Limited Partners were to hire a women-led venture capitalist to manage the current investments, we would reconsider our request and work directly with the LPs in this situation.

Please reach out to me anytime twitter.com/shanemac

Shane Mac

CEO & Co-Founder of Assist

CEO @Assist. Curious.

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