A Bottle of Pellegrino and the One Lesson I’ll Never Forget That Seth Godin Taught Me

8 years ago I made a video. I was young, excited, and starting to share things via video online.

I have no idea why I felt the need to send the video to Seth Godin. But I did. I don’t even remember what I said in the video I sent to him.

He responded. I couldn’t believe it. 8 years later I’ll never forget what he said or how he made me feel. He said,

“Did you know that they ADD the bubbles to San Pellegrino, I was amazed. Nice video shane.”

That’s it. That was the response. I remember it more than almost any email over the last 8 years.


It’s the most obscure thing in the video. It’s the bottle of water I was drinking. It’s what no one else would ever notice.

Mostly, he was letting me know that he watched the video. I remember the feeling. I smiled. Realized he actually did watch it. Never forgot that email.

For whatever reason, maybe because I’m always looking for the Pellegrino bottle these days, I noticed the person’s email address was a “.sx” domain. I had never seen that before.

I didn’t even think about my response but once I wrote it I remembered the email from Seth.

I looked up “.sx.” Learned something. Thought I would share that fun fact with him. I do this all the time because I remember how I felt when Seth Godin did it to me. I don’t know if people will feel like I felt. At minimum, it makes the email different. Hopefully shows that I care. I did some research. I didn’t respond blindly. That’s the point. Here’s the email response. I learned about Sint Maarten. :)

This is the question on my mind more than anything these days:

When everyone is saying the same shit, how do we start a different discussion? How do we actually be memorable?

Thanks to T.A. for telling me I should write this post after he saw my email. Anyone lucky enough to work with T.A. should. As of today, now you can at PSL Labs in Seattle. If I were to start a company again, I’d 100% think about working with this team.



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