I went from “remote work will happen over the next 10 years” to “it’s already here, now what?” in under 6 months. To me, the shift was always inevitable but the timeline I could have never imagined happening this quickly. Remote work is here to stay.

Let me start by saying, there’s still a ton of things we don’t know about the impacts of remote work on our work and our lives. …

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This idea went from a text message “We should build this platform” to a full featured product in less than 4 months. It all started when Justin Kan, founder of Twitch & Investor, decided to quit drinking and start a community on Telegram. I called the best engineer and designer I knew and said “we need to build this product for Justin’s community. He has the community, we should build the perfect product.

We built it. And now we want to give it to you. The app (iOS & Android), the brand, the URL, everything.

On April 21st, 2019, Justin Kan wrote this Tweet thread about quitting…

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I went from hating dating apps to kinda enjoying them again by changing one thing. It was so simple.

I forgot how fun it is to let friends play your Bumble. Flip through your Hinge. See your top 5 on The League.

Dating apps exploded when they became a game you played with your friends. It became the conversation at every dinner party. Your married friends loved to swipe your Tinder. People would even Airplay their dating app to the TV so everyone could be a part of the action.

This killed the stigma around online dating and made it social. It became an activity we liked to do with our friends vs the thing we hid from our friends because of the stigma. 5 years ago, I wrote an article about an idea I hoped someone would build to let friends play matchmaker. It never took off but I still feel like it should happen. …

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